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Rat City...You Can't Surf On A Lake!

I grew up in New Jersey. I spent my summers in Normandy Beach NJ. I started riding bodyboards at age 7 and advanced to stand up surfing at age 10. I don't have a lot of photos or video footage from my early days of surfing. This clip starts out with me surfing the tail end of a huricain swell in 1976 (super 8 film transfer), I was 14 years old. I moved to Wisconsin in 1986, but I didn't start surfing the lake until 2001. My friend and co-worker, Beatrice Dagmar Buehmann Rasmussen, Dagmar Productions, started documenting our adventures in 2004...Thanks Bea!

tw surfs Lake Michigan part 1 of 2

tw surfs Lake Michigan part 2 of 2